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Everything to learn about Shakira’s Jam

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Shakira’s split from her football date, Gerard Piqué, is actually a gift that keeps on providing. Adopting the discharge of a


sharp tune
in which she informed Piqué that his “brain demands some work,” hearsay regarding their more and more disorganized break up have already been swirling.
One boasts
she actually is blasting the song out the woman window and has placed a witch sculpture privately of the woman balcony experiencing Piqué’s mother’s household. At the same time, followers have actually snatched onto claims that she heard bout the woman ex-partner’s alleged event whenever she noticed the woman jam present had mysteriously dwindled.

The storyline seemingly have originated at a retailer called
ShowNews now
, which claimed in December the Spanish television program


shared Shakira came back from a trip to discover someone had eaten her strawberry jam. A ShowNews Today, Piqué despises jam, and thus carry out their young ones. Therefore Shakira involved really the only reasonable conclusion: While she ended up being overseas marketing the woman songs, some one had been inside her residence, ingesting the woman jam and also having sexual intercourse along with her sweetheart. The gall.

It should forgo proclaiming that there’s no research that type of activities really transpired, nor features any individual even verified that Piqué cheated on Shakira in their commitment. (He performed, but how to start dating again in your 30sm worked for their enjoyment business right after the breakup went public, and a Zoom meeting
not too long ago unearthed
by fans reveals she was hanging out at their house prior to the break up. He not too long ago
her on Instagram.


Needless to say, who has not ended me personally, or perhaps the other countries in the net, from visualizing Shakira standing up in front of the woman open refrigerator, suitcases by the door, looking vengefully down into the woman container of jam.

The jam rumors happened to be in addition fueled by a snippet of a songs movie from April for your track “Te Felicito,” which includes reggaeton singer Rauw Alejandro. Just by the lyrics, “Te Felicito” is fairly clearly another tune about Shakira’s ex. Within the video clip, she seems to be building a robot form of Alejandro, which includes beginning her refrigerator to show their severed (but lively) mind.

A few tabloids have interpreted this imagery as further proof that a fridge was actually certainly associated with Shakira’s breakup, which might you need to be indicative that not numerous Shakira followers have seen

United States Psycho

. And yet! Exactly What


Shakira’s ex’s enthusiast did, without a doubt, rifle through her fridge after a clandestine romp and slip somewhat spoonful of fruit preserve? It would be the largest thing to take place to jam since